Here is Andiry Taras Bashta (Ukrainian bat worker) and Priest Zsolt, who is open to the idea of bat protection and he is kindly received the initiative of bat survey in his village. Also you can see the unique  two tower’s Reformat Church, shelter of bats in this little Transcarpathian village. (source of picture: IERS)

Even under the severe circumstances of Covid 19 the project has not been stoped. All 4 countries involved are work taking into account the timeframe and proposed activities of the project. Let’s have a look what does the bat workers doing in Ukraine. As in

Within the framework of this project, the famous ornithologist Andriy-Taras Bashta, PhD in Biology, senior researcher at the Institute of Carpathian Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was invited to study bats. He conducted basic research and species identification by various methods: checking the excrements, visual inspection of attics and bells, etc. Together with him, we visited and examined about forty temples of different confessions. At present we have found 5 species of Chiroptera, about which will be published in detail in a scientific article.

In the case you are interested for details, the original article from the Ukranian partner’s website with the title: Under the roof of the temple: visiting unjustly accused of aiding and abetting the COVID-19 – bats

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