Today has been held a Zoom Meeting of the project partners.

There have been 10 participants at the meeting, representing all involved partners.  The meeting was quite fruitful and operative, no technical problems raised. In the frame of the 50 minutes, all partners have been presented the achieved results, there were some problems discussed.

Summarising the discussions: the project is in time, is running as it was planed.

The general communication strategy of the project seems to be very effective since the webpage has 300 visitors already the Facebook page followers it is in growing number. During this half year implementation period there were 18 articles published in local and international media. All project partners have webpages about the project which share information about bats and the project important stages.

The workbook for children is developed, it will be ready for publishing as soon as the partners will end with the translation part. 

All the partners have been started the survey of bats. The Slovakian partner is happy with the installed dataloggers, they are measuring the temperature and humidity in several attics, biological samples are taken from colonies, and the first activities with public has been started. New places were investigated in Ukraine that is a great challenge and 8 species have been localized. The field trips are underway both in Hungary and Romania. Some old well know colonies have been vanish was reported from Romania, many good bat shelters are under reconstruction reported the Hungarian partner.

All partners have been faced with the COVID 19 effects and its negative input, like the media interest is not so focused in Slovakia, the environmental activities with children is hard to organize in Romania, the activity like mistnetting of bats in public is not allowed in Hungary. But all this problems can be solved in that way that there do not affect the overall implementation of the project.

The meeting was closed with the common agreement of the next Zoom Meeting in September.

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