Informational materials composed with 13 roll ups were exposed in Satu Mare in December 2020 by the Romanian partner.

As they  told:

„In these difficult times, we didn’t even expect to be able to exhibit our prepared materials  before spring. However the local epidemic situation allowed the Municipality to hold a small Christmas fair (albeit under strict conditions), and we seized the rare opportunity, quickly set up our roll-ups for these two days remaining to Christmas.

At the moment museums can be visited in Romania with some restrictions and precautions, and the Satu Mare County Museum is currently hosting an exhibition on bats of the world. This exhibition is supported and complected by our informational materials, full with attractive graphic, pictures also useful information about local bat species and problems.”

The link of the Bat exhibition of the Satu Mare county Museum is here:

The informational materials was placed afront of the Museum (outside) or additional moved in the entrance hal of the Museum (inside)

In this way walking people from the street could stop and read the information.  The one interested to visit the bat exhibition of the Museum, could receive information about the secret life of bats right via this informational panels.

The exhibition seams to be usefull, many people was reading, and even asking questions. That means that people are open to receive more information and that this is a good tool to make them understand that bats are not our enemy, we can survive here only by letting living other species from the planet.

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