A good example of cooperation with local communities

One key threatening factor of the bat species occured in human settlements is the lack of proper shelters. Experience show that installing bat boxes in environments which are freqvented by bats could contribute to the raising of local population of certain bat species.

An other threatening factor is the negative attitude of human toward bats. Drastical population change can be caused by destroying of their natural habitats, shelters, hunting places.

By placing bat boxes in local communities in a way that people are involved in this action is a great combination of conservation tools. Because, by one side shelters are assured, but  in other side local people are protecting these shelters. After being aware about the vulnerability of these animals, most of local people react positively. They are eager to know more about bats, some of them ask to have installed their own bat boxes. In this cases we fulfil this requirement with pleasure.

Based on the aboved mentioned many bat boxes were successfully installed to peoples own propriety and during regular check of the bat boxes we can assume that many of the boxes were occupied successfully.

Here is one of the good example of cooperation with local communities: bat boxes checked in Nisipeni.

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